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The ‘buy local’ fallacy

You should not eat or buy local. You should eat or buy wherever you want and that’s it.

Buying local may even be the worst thing to do for your hometown.

For example, food chains are very expensive here were I live (many - most? maybe - people here even see McDonald’s with glamour in here, believe me or not). So I only go to Subway (one of my favorite restaurant) like twice a week (it’s like twice the price of Subway there in the States)… Then I prefer to save and just go to some local deli and the like… But I never think about buying local. Why? Because it doesn’t make sense. Globalization is a very good thing for the world because give us options, why the heck would I not like it?

The real problem is there are a lot of people against it because they always think with the local close-minded producer mentality, when they really shoul think just as consumer. Even because while we produce two or three things during our entire lives, we consume millions or billions or trillions…

Well, I’m not going to say much. I just would enjoy if you see the following:

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This post was originally a response to McDonaldization of America, but as I couldn’t post it on there (some error on the server side) I decided to post here and hope it is tracked back.