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Este blog se encontra desatualizado, inativo e arquivado como conteúdo estático. Eu continuo a eventualmente postar em to-post.it/henriquev. Um serviço simples de blog para usuários de Twitter criado por mim. Todo o conteúdo deste blog continuará existente no mesmo endereço de antes.

This is blog is out-dated, inactive and archived. I continue to post eventually on to-post.it/henriquev. Using a simple blogging service for Twitter users that I created.

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I Henrique Vicente (call me Henry if you want) am the solely author of this blog. Its goal is to make money be a source of information on things like sciences, technology, liberty, photography and more.

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Eu no Parque da Jaqueira Eu no Parque da Jaqueira

Since I was about eight years old (1997) one of my dreams was to build a personal web page on the Internet. So did I.

Time passed by and the host where it was hosted came to an end. I grew up and left behind the idea of a personal home-page where one would found everything I liked, studied and so on.

Instead, I was decided to start a web site about something, let’s say, which I supposed I could make a living with. For my bad, I hadn’t someone to guide me or literature for easy access (neither knew where I could find any advise). Yes, I had the Internet. But at that time it wasn’t clear for me, even because I’m a native from Recife, a city in the northeast of Brazil. So I didn’t have English as my first language. Quite complicated.

Left behind at my own in the childhood I had nothing more interesting to do than spending hours and hours browsing the web. Both in search of useless knowledge and looking for anything to make a hobby or money of. Not what someone deserves while a child, but truth be told.

Love me :)
Oops, fora da ordem... Me When a Baby

After my first web site I had several others, and even participated in the creation of one group of web design enthusiasts, with the goal to make a web designing portal. Sadly, we didn’t make it.

Also, for years I’ve been an user of a great brazilian IRC network, where I talked most with friends and school’s people, but also it put me on contact with others who shared my interests, etc. There I had my first contacts with amazing technologies I didn’t knew, or just have listened, etc.

The RedeBrasil de Servidores de IRC deserves an article apart. It was growing too fast it attracted some commies who forced it to merge with theirs network mostly by means of social engineering and DoS attacks, for self-benefit. Just after they’ve faced the same problems they’ve done and couldn’t stand still. The RedeBrasil was a pacific and voluntary IRC network, a rarity on the Internet at that time. It was an oasis on the jungle. “TIA“.

Their unethical violence-driven money-buster-wanna-be IRC network of course could last nothing, but for a short-term. In a hostile environment they hadn’t the control of, just a rude idiot could do what they’ve done. It comforts me to know that one of them won’t keep his legacy on the human gene pool.

In the past five years I’ve started some projects in which I really was excited, thinking they’d do it. They didn’t. But if they didn’t, I’ve learned several things which I really believe will make a difference on the next one. For project, understand some kind of user-driven service, like a social networking web site.

Some of my mistakes on the past projects are

  • doing thing in a need basis, without a plan
  • rewriting what others have already written for not coming towards it
  • losing the focus (even intensified by the reason above)
  • mixing logics, information, meta-information and design all together

I just ask you. If you are doing something with the errors above, for the sake of evolution: stop it and think.

What more…

Enjoying a River

Ah! A curiosity: I told you I’m experienced with web designing. But you can see this Wordpress theme I’m using in my blog is the K2. The reason? It’s just like what I wanted: a theme with a minimal design. . . Just like I said: for best achieving your goals you better focus on what you want. Reuse code whenever possible :)

You may have noticed one of my hobbies: photography. Maybe want to see some on my Flickr photostream.

Also, I’m open for donations of tech stuff. I can review it, post about it and then either keep or give away to someone else who deserves. . . ;)