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Updates about my life

Since I was a kid and started using computers I felt very comfortable with them. I was 8 or 9 years old the first time I used the Internet, at home. The first pages I opened were mostly in english, like Yahoo’s and Netscape’s. Netscape itself was for a long time my browser of choice (even when the hardware I had wasn’t powerful enough to let me use the newer versions of it, so I sticked with Internet Explore for a while). I just wish I’d put my hands on a Mac early. Past year, for something more than a month, this is what I used every single day. Today, I’m waiting to receive my first one. A MacBook that’s going to take days to arrive here.

Anyway, since then I have this interest in the high tech sector. Or more precisely, I wish to work with Internet.

In the end of December this desire came true when I launched a web service called Plifk with the purpose of offering people (end users) the highest quality file sharing solution available on the Internet.

The moment I launched it I knew it wouldn’t be easy to get mainstream. But I was confident that I made a great work and it’d be easer than it is turning out to be.

I’m thinking a lot in how to get the so needed early adopters. Telling friends (even the ones who work with technology) is not being of much help. Neither I succeeded in finding some nice people that would be engaged to work with me. Also, trying to contact some local/national based incubators doesn’t seems of much benefit.

What I really need right now is not money. I don’t have any wealth, still it’s not a big problem for me to pay my bills. I’m more in the need of people to communicate and share ideas so I can develop my product and help myself in my hunt for a great strategy. And if one’s not of help but to give away money (if) I can’t care less and will just fade away (at least now that I’m not shining).

So I guess my current life is like this. Hunting for people and for a strategy. And I’m not hunting for a worker, but for people who can think big.

But this is not going to stop me whatsoever. It took me all my life to learn what I know today about computers, technology and everything. Almost every single day of my life when I was a kid I’d think about something I could do. And as I grew up this didn’t change… Months ago I was free think. I had dropped out university, just finished a short-term course at New York Film Academy on filmography and there were no single obligations I had with anyone. For months many people thought that I was doing nothing, that I was a lost soul (as once put by someone talking to a teacher of mine years ago to don’t let his child walk along me).

People here (and everywhere else?) are used to follow the cultural unwritten rules of doing everything in a formal way, so describing what I did to someone is really a bad, not funny moment. Having nothing to show, I had passed several bad times when just after telling this or that I had to listen something like “but you should do something, doing nothing is not good for you”. Heck, I’m doing something…

Now people seems to be more open minded that I’ve something to show them.

The funny part? Well, I can show them. It’s just that they don’t have the interest to see.

And so here I am with two goals for the next weeks, at least:

  • discover and apply the marketing question: how to attract consumers?
  • discover what the attracted consumers needs (and hopefully before they show up) to design a product for them: what is better for them?

Good thing I like to think (and find pretty realistic) is: I’m almost sure I’m not showing my service for the public that can take the most advantage out of it, so when I do I’m going to have something that’s really made for them.

And now I shall finish this post and go back to work.

Apenas olhe para frente

Se não bastasse o pico projetor, a Microvision - entre outras coisas - também está desenvolvendo um HUD para automóveis que parece ser bem superior aos atuais.

Tecnologia empregada a tempos em aviões caças, a vantagem principal do uso de HUDs é ajudar o usuário a não perder o foco enquanto vá conferir, por exemplo, a velocidade, uma vez que o olho precisa se readaptar (mudar o foco) quando se olha para coisas em diferentes distâncias. Para resolver isso, o plano da imagem projetada pelo HUD é ajustado de forma com que o observador a enxergue quando estiver focado no infinito (ou seja: com os olhos preparados para enxergar algo bem longe).

Eles liberaram um vídeo mostrando o funcionamento.

Projetor: pesado, grande e complicado?

Já imaginou ter um celular ou notebook capaz de projetar em uma superfície uma imagem tão nítida quanto um projetor dos atuais é capaz? Talvez esse dia não esteja mais tão longe, graças aos empenhos da Microvision em tornar isso realidade.

Veja o vídeo abaixo mostrando um protótipo em funcionamento, note que a imagem sempre está no foco e a qualidade, mesmo que não ainda das melhores, não chega a ser ruim.

<a href="http://youtube.com/watch?v=7UfarRM0BoM">http://youtube.com/watch?v=7UfarRM0BoM</a>
Laser Pico Projector Microvision “SHOW”

Pouso e aterrissagem verticais

<a href="http://youtube.com/watch?v=-kDb99ftPlY">http://youtube.com/watch?v=-kDb99ftPlY</a>
AV8-B Harrier Landing onboard the USS Bataan

<a href="http://youtube.com/watch?v=uyXirekgqOo">http://youtube.com/watch?v=uyXirekgqOo</a>
Harrier vertical takeoff gear up

Pena que por enquanto apenas parasitas públicos (de Forças Armadas) possam desfrutar de algo assim.

Flickr sidebar for Wordpress version 0.1 launched!

I’ve launched the sidebar you can see on my sidebar displaying pictures from Flickr right now.

See the page Flickr sidebar for wordpress for more information and to get the newer version available.

Download the newer one.