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Archive for March, 2009

Karl Marx vs. Peter Schiff

So you think in these times of world disaster Karl Marx is the anwser for taking away from the world the figure of the fat capitalist pig that makes all of us poorer?

So sad politicians believe so, well, they’re politicians… But they’ll soon be alone!

People are starting to realize how stupid anti-capitalism (or how I prefer: anti-freedom) is. Thanks much to figures like Ron Paul, Robert P. Murphy and Peter Schiff.

I (who am not afraid that the world will be destroyed by the bad corporation guys) was thinking: how is it increased the amount of people who now believes in reality rather than in stories of war in a parallel world where ethics is weird and kind of doesn’t exists?

Uh, let’s try it… trends.google.com

What now? Let me see… How big is Peter Schiff getting?

What about Karl Marx vs. Peter Schiff?


Two years ago for each 100 searches for the bad guy there was just one for Peter Schiff. For the last year it is 21 vs. 100 for the stupid writer.

For the period starting from the begining of this year to now for each 100 searches for the dumbass, there is 47 for Peter Schiff.

In the United States Peter Schiff is as searched as Karl Marx now. Oh, Brazil is the country that most searches Karl Marx… The USA wasn’t even in the top 10 for searching him [at any time] before joining the list at the 9th place this past year and being at 10th for this current year. Oh, what about Brazil? The brazilian Federal District is crazy searching for more and more marxism.

Keynes? He’s searched even less in the US (we can see him only this year at the 7th place, while the terrorist is at the 10th) than Karl Marx even if there is lots of books of him in the bookstores, like at the B&N at the Fifth Avenue as I saw just the other day:

It seems that in a near future marxism will be only cultived by some economic leaders for disaster, as the states around the world are going to fall apart.

Oh, and what the fuzz about Paul Krugman? It’s gone. Right now (in this year) for each 100 for Peter there is 87 searches for the Nobel prize winner (it’s just so stupid that we can not say really it was earned, let’s say, as a scientific prize, because it can’t be [seriously]). 2008? Even being the Nobel winner in a society in crises with its crime leaders asking to play more with fascism Peter had just 30% less than Krugman and, as the graph shows just because the socialist won the Nobel. The year before? Paul Krugman was 235% more searched than Peter Schiff. FYI: the guys behind the Nobel on economics direct benefit from statism.